Robert L Phillips

Attention:  Business Owners and Marketing Managers

      This One Thing Drives the Success
                      of All Business

​  You're here because you want to make more money
My  name  is  Robert  Phillips  and  I  write  copy,   good  copy,   that  sells.

Current focus is marketing copy for Additive Manufacturing and creation of Key Marketing Copy Platforms.

Secondary focus is Healthcare and secrets to our rapidly increasing years of life.

Good  Copy,  like  the  kind  written  by  a  professionally  trained  copywriter  -  is  required  for  any  business  to  succeed.

It  educates  and  attracts  customers . . . builds  rapport . . . offers  proof . . .squashes  doubts . . . 
        and  ultimately  leads  a  reader  to  purchase.

Believe me when I say - -  copy is more important than any other element . . .   which explains why you may have heard the phrase,                                                                                     “Copy is King”.

It's not just social networking . . . or mobile marketing . . . or Big Data . . .  or list segmentation . . . 
        that generates superior direct marketing results.

It's  powerful,  persuasive,  direct  response  copywriting:   knowing  how  to  write  potent,  compelling  copy  for  landing  pages, squeeze pages,   web sites,   e-mails,  sales letters,  and ads   that drive clicks,   conversions,   and sales  through the roof  -          
        and make more money  online  and offline.

And  white papers.  Special Report,  Backgrounder,  Position Paper,  Executive Brief   -   whatever you call it,   a white paper
 can  work harder and  last longer   than any other content you publish   -  if  you  do  it  right.

But, you don't have to take my word for it. Here are the facts:

     •Copy is part of the  direct-response industry  –  responsible for $2.3 trillion worldwide.
     •Companies that  blog  receive 55% more visitors and . . . 
     •60% of consumers  say they are  more interested  in a product  after reading about it.
        (according to an infographic from BrightLabs)

Expert help for businesses who want to make more money

Also, the Internet provides a HUGE need for copy – including websites, emails, blogs, social media updates and more . . .
     •Businesses will spend an estimated $134 BILLION on content and marketing
       copy in 2014 (according to eMarketer).
     •81% of businesses rate their company blog as either “useful”, “important”, or 
       “critical” (says the Content Marketing Institute).
     •Plus, search engines drive the need for even more copy by requiring regular      
       updates to stay competitive in search engine rankings.

     So . . . what do you think? . . . 

                  Is Copy Still King?
                          You Bet!

Whether you're using social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, or good ol' direct mail, copy is – and always will be -  “King”  . . . especially when it comes to increasing your revenue and profits.

​Now, don't get me wrong . . . 

Your offer and target audience are important, but good copy is the lifeblood of your business . . .

     •The best product in the world won't sell if you can't explain its benefits or convey its value . . . 
     •Thousands of loyal subscribers won't read your email if the subject line doesn't grab their attention . . .
     •Social media followers can't - and won't - engage with you if you don't start the conversation . . . 

Truly every marketing effort begins with good copy. (Even a video begins with a script.)

That's why I believe good copy - above anything else - will propel your profits from good to great in the shortest time possible.

                The Right Words Drive Big Results

I am 100% confident that the right words will dramatically boost your bottom line.

You see, I am a product of American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) - the world's leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, design and web writing programs . . .

Their secret?

They put the majority of their efforts into crafting the most effective copy possible. And that is exactly what AWAI trained writers do for every client.

That's why I know we can drive your profit  higher.

So whether you're a successful internet marketer who wants boost online sales . . . or a small business looking to make more money . . . or an established brick and mortar corporation striving to increase market share . . . just  click here  to get started!

If you are a new client, you automagically receive our Get Acquainted Deal:

     1.No Up Front Fee.

     2.We offer a Creative Critique, at no charge.
         A creative analysis of your current copy, along with detailed suggestions for
         improvement. We will identify its strong points and what can be improved. We will
         provide specific ideas, concepts and creative techniques. We cannot rewrite the
         package for you, but we can offer some light word-smithing and head you in the
         right direction.

     3.For new clients, there is no up front fee and no fee at all if you don't like the
         final result.