Robert L Phillips

Examples of Recent Work
Articles related to Additive Manufacturing, aka, 3D Printing.
      This inventive process is reducing both people and material cost by 80% and is               revolutionizing industry.  It is just beginning and will likely continue for 50 years.

American Writers and Artists Inc.
      AWAI is the leading teacher of persuasive writing skills.  Officers, members and               graduates are making great incomes writing.

Professional Newsletter.
      Before the Internet, many professionals had no way to directly advertise.  Now they         can inexpensively build awareness of their expertise by sending newsletters.

Articles for "One If By Land"
      A group of Patriots who teach the U.S. Constitution and how to preserve individual           freedoms being trampled by government.

Articles related to Healthcare and Successful Aging
      Now that 80 is the new 40, it takes a whole different plan for all those extra years.

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